Does font really matter

All though I have written for years.  Having a published book is a crazy thing. There are so many things we do not know going into the industry. For one it’s not just writing a book. It’s finding an editor and believe me there are a lot of wrong’s that don’t make it right. Then you have to make decisions on cover art and logo’s and formatting. The spacing can be a toss up depending on if you have had a cocktail or two.

I mean does font really matter that much to a reader? These things have kept me up at night, I know . . I know . .  I should just pick one and see what happens.

A year ago

When I started this blog over a year ago, I thought “Oh, yes. I will reach hundreds of readers.” Wrong LOL

Once you realize that isn’t the case, you tend to let it fall to the weigh-side. I’m revisiting the idea of my blog. Not to reach hundreds of people,but perhaps a few that have the same interest and ideas of the writing world as I do.

Maybe if we are lucky, we will find a few people just like ourselves. So, if you decide to follow along, I hope you enjoy what I have to say and you visit me often.



Things have been really calm around the house as of late. But last night I actually heard voices. This wouldn’t be anything to cause alarm except I live alone. The TV was off. As I swapped out laundry(you know from the washer to the dryer) there it was. Playful laughter and voices in the living room.

Most people would freak the fuck out, me I just went about my business. The only thing I can figure that has stirred this up is that I am cleaning out closets etc. and they like(who ever they are) looking at everything I am packing up.

Its been about a month since my bedroom door clicked open and then closed. If you think I jest I don’t my son who’s 28 hates staying in my house LOL My daughters ex wouldn’t stay after having horrible nightmares where he swears he was awake and a little girl tried eating his stomach. S o there you have it folks weird things do happen.ghost-bride-59284





All alone

So it’s just me out here in blog land. I can’t seem to reach people so I can write about whatever I find interesting. The time and effort it takes to put a book together is overwhelming to say the least. The best you can hope for is that one person will love it and ten more will like it. I am going with the same attitude I have used in my salon business. which is the best and worst advertisement is word of mouth. You know what I mean One person tells three people and they tell three more each.It may work and then I could also be an epic fail.

Launch pad

You must remember that your first book is your launch pad. You won’t be able to quit your day job on it. Mostly family and friends will buy your first book. Either out of loyalty or love,then there will be those who want it but do not want to purchase it.

Your launch pad will help you learn so many of the ends and outs of the book world. If you come out of book one and still want it then push on to book two and preserver like the rest of us.

Remember we are all in the trenches one way or the other.

The writer in me

The writer in me wants to scream most days. Why can’t it be as simple as just writing down your story and having it develop before your eyes.

Oh to be so simple. When I began writing years ago it was to ease my racing mind. Then a year and a half ago I decided to write seriously and publish my first book. Thats when all the real excitement started. no one told me all the hoops I would have to jump through.

I have learned there are many steps that go into it before you ever get to the publication part. Things like editing, spacing, formatting oh and those dreaded footers and headers. All I wanted to do was write.

If you are new to writing you may want to beware of all the extra things you will need to be ready for. Like deciding your cover art. My suggestion to you is to create a team of people that can help you, This makes things a little easier if you are like me and just starting out on this type of journey. For one I never took a writing class in my life,I didn’t pay attention in English or spelling. So let’s say many years after my informative school years I decided that writing was something I wanted to do.My suggestion to you . . . Get a book that breaks down the process step by step that way there are no surprises.

How about this: Step 1- find a writers/authors guild that will help you start your  process of right. If you don’t have one or cant find one then I guess you could stay tunes because my next few posts will be all about what you have to do.

Lost in the woods

Sometimes we have that feeling of being lost in the woods. Well I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want to be lost in the Hoia forest in Romania.

Outside the city of Cluj-Napoca near Transylvania is a forest that is known for unusual sightings. Pictures of UFO’s have been taken. Disembodied screams heard. Visitors have come away with Unexplainable rashes,scratches and burns.

Deep within the forest there is a perfect circle where nothing grows. Could this be an area such as the Bermuda triangle? that’s what the locals call it.

The trees seem to grow in odd directions. this could be they are simple growing toward what little light escapes the thick canopy. All the same they appear to be in movement or even dancing.

What makes us want so badly to find something there and at the same time find nothing. Is it the intense feelings of apprehension that pushes us forward or just the adrenaline rush.

Well my parents never said stay out of the woods, so that lesson doesn’t apply to me. I would take that walk in those woods just to have the experince would you?

What wakes you from sleep

What wakes you from sleep? Does the soft whispering of your name late in the night cause you discomfort? od you acknowledge it or do you just roll over and go back to sleep.

When you feel that tender caress across your skin and no one is there do you shiver with fear or find warmth in the touch.

I have heard my name many times in the daytime and in the night. I always listen, It’s a little nerve wracking when they tell me someone else’s name. It usually means its going to be a bad day.

I have had hands reach out of the dark to grab me. I have heard the voices telling me who is leaving us, I have been visited and given messages for loves ones to ease their pain. You either believe or you don’t but, the truth is we are not alone. Whether you believe in ufo”s and aliens or the simpler explanation that there are other dimensions and realms of other beings that co exists in and around us, I believe it’s true.

Not everything in this worlds is explainable it just is and we have to find a way to wrap our minds around it. What if there was a door to somewhere else, would you walk through it? What if the person living next door wasn’t human would you want to know? I would. sometimes we need a new perspective. I for one love a good adventure and this world is in great need of an adventure as well.


Guarded is the first book in the Enforcers Series.

What do you get when you take 13 Enforcers, who follow no laws but their own and throw them together with a group of Guardians who are all about following the rules. A whole lot of mischief that’s what.  Come along with me and Follow Reign and her band of Enforces as she puts them in league with Knox and his sentinels. It’s never a bad day until you step into someone else’s world of shit.

Reign didn’t see anything wrong with following the guardian king and his boy’s while out on patrol. A they owe her now. After six month’s she should have admitted to herself it was more then curiosity that held he eye. When The King and one of his men get in a tight fix she thinks nothing of jumping into the mix to aid them. When the smoke clears so to speak, she realizes what shes done and sees no way out. The upside is they owe her. The down side, they know about her now.

Knox hadn’t expected to get in a pinch while out on patrol with Fellas. Being ambushed by a group of Boola demon’s was going to haunt him for night’s ahead only because the other Guardians weren’t going to let him forget it. At least Fellas would be right there with him. When the tiny female dropped down in front of him taking a defensive stance he was both appalledRC_Guarded-web-medium a female would have to protect him and awed by her ferocity and her beauty. The night might not be all bad if they all didn’t die first.


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